My starting LINE up

I placed this bet last Thanksgiving

I placed this bet last Thanksgiving

I like to start my season by finding some underdog teams that will soon become the darlings of the nation.  Last year around Thanksgiving I put $10 bucks on Wichita State at 150/1.  That was part of my “starting lineup.”  I take $100 bucks.  I identify teams I love from last year with enough remaining pieces.  I spread the $100 dollars among as many teams to win at least $1,000 if I get lucky and pick the champion.  Last March I had many options to hedge my bet when Wichita State was in the final four.  Here’s this year’s “Starting Lineup:”

$30 Oklahoma St.  35/1 = $1,050
$25 VCU 40/1 = $1,000
$17 UCONN 60/1 =  $1,020
$14 St. Louis 75/1 = $1,050
$14 Colorado 75/1 = 1,050
Sorry KU fans, but Oklahoma State tops this list.  Marcus Smart is just a winner.  The Cowboys are slightly undersized, but I’m still shocked to see 35/1 odds at the beginning of the season for them to win a championship.   I think those odds will look more like 15/1 come March.
Shaka Smart and VCU only get better this year.  I expect New Yorker Melvin Johnson to play a bigger role.  VCU is known for havoc on defense, but I think this is the year guys like Johnson get involved in a more diverse scoring attack.
Something special was happening with Kevin Ollie’s UConn Huskies last year.  I expect his team to continue responding to his coaching style with his sophomore campaign.
I went hard wagering behind St. Louis last March.  They ran into a red-hot Oregon team in the tournament and were out the first weekend.  I still expect Jett, Loe and Evans to come back with a vengeance this season.
Finally, Colorado can really ball.  I compare Spencer Dinwittie to Victor Oladipo last season.  He is a great defender who no one is talking about heading into this season.  However, I think he has lottery pick talent.  Xavier Johnson and Askia Booker also made progress scoring last season.  I hope to see you in Vegas come March looking good to win a thousand bucks and more.

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