Hedge Your Bet 101


See Exhibit A Above.

This loyal Auburn fan bought a $100 bet on his Tigers at 500 to 1 odds.  He will not hedge his bet.  Meaning, he will either win $50,000 tonight or nothing at all.  Auburn was a -600 favorite.  This is the line in which he could consider hedging his bet.  For example, if he wagered $6,000 on Auburn, he would at least win $1,000 if his Auburn Tigers lost the game.  One problem is finding $6,000 lying around.  However, a larger problem for Mark, the Auburn fan, is that his team loyalty would not allow him to bet on the other team.  Follow @markjskiba on Twitter for his dramatic one-liners during tonight’s BCS Championship game, with Auburn up 21-10 at halftime.  Good luck @markjskiba !

P.S. – I understand your nerves…

I placed this bet last Thanksgiving

I placed this bet last Thanksgiving

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