Right to Business

Matt’s ATS dips below .500 for the first time this season.  I am 30-31 against the spread.  Let’s clean this up right quick with picks for Saturday, February 15th.

Give me Memphis +3 1/2.  The Memphis guards saved the day against Gonzaga and Ryan Boatright hasn’t looked right for UCONN.

Oklahoma +3 1/2 at Oklahoma State.  Marcus Smart is not the only player the Cowboys are missing.

VCU +4 at St. Louis.  I picked St. Louis as a favorite recently in LaSalle and that killed me.  They won, but didn’t cover.  I sense a likely scenario here as VCU plays for its tournament life.  I actually hope St. Louis loses so that it’s a greater sleeper in the NCAA Tournament.

Green Bay +3 1/2 at Cleveland State.  Green Bay is one of my super sleepers this year.

Tennessee missed a golden opportunity to get into the tournament with a home game against Florida.  I’m not counting them out just yet and taking them +2 at Missouri.

I love Duke as a potential Elite 8 team.  However, 13 points is too large a spread hosting Maryland.  I’d take Dez Wells to cover that himself.

I’m going to stick to my guns as I feel invested with Ohio State.  I will take the Buckeyes -3 1/2 in Illinois.  If they can’t win there, there really are serious issues in Columbus.

The nightcap, in my mind, is a no-brainer.  Florida is the new vogue choice to win the national championship, much like Louisville last year.  I will confidently take them +3 in Kentucky.

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