March Madness Matt’s ATS Season Finale

Thank you anyone and everyone who read my rookie season of this blog.  I squeaked-out an above-.500 record up until this point.  I am 45-41 Against the Spread (Matt’s ATS) on my season picks.  Depending on what shakes out with the league championships, this could be my last Saturday of regular season picks.  Here they are…

Eastern Kentucky +7 vs. Belmont 
    *This is the Ohio Valley Championship game and I think Eastern Kentucky will win the game outright.  Both teams are wildly similar.  The team that plays either in the first round of the NCAA Tournament better GUARD the 3-point line! 

Kentucky +8 @ Florida
Missouri St. +12 vs. Wichita State 
North Carolina +8 @ Duke 
Illinois +11 1/2 @ Iowa 
Oregon -3 vs. Arizona 
Iowa St. -3 1/2 vs. Oklahoma St.
UCONN +10 vs. Louisville 
Georgetown +11 1/2 @ Villanova

Some awesome spreads this week for underdogs making a comeback into the bubble conversation.  Georgetown, Illinois and Oregon have played great ball of late.  In the words of Denny Green, “they are who we THOUGHT THEY WERE.”  And they’re getting a chance today.  Meanwhile, I can’t remember the last time Louisville won by 10+ points let alone the last time UCONN received that generous spread.  I would trust Shabazz Napier with my house keys as far as point guard play is concerned.  UNC Duke is too mar-key a matchup to be an 8 point game.

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