71% Against the Spread so far this season

Matty D’s, aka my, record against the spread so far this year is 17-7-1.  That one tie was Texas Tech recently losing to Texas by nine points to mimic the odds.  As a self-proclaimed master of the “eye test,” I like to test myself with an actual opponent.  What better measuring stick than the all-knowing Las Vegas sports books?

I use the website Vegas Insider as my source for the current odds.

I also tweet my predictions hours before the first Saturday morning tip, using the hashtag #SuspectSpreadsSaturday.  It means that I am exposing the odds that I think are “suspect” or questionable.

Tweeting my picks each week also allows me to time stamp proof that I’ve made the predictions before the games.

For the week of Saturday, January 10, I suggest taking the following teams:
Louisville +5 @ North Carolina
Purdue +5 vs. Maryland
Iowa St. +5 @ West Virginia
Butler – 3.5 vs. Xavier
LSU -3 vs. Georgia

*Please note that I am dipping my feet in the water with five different major conferences:  ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Big East and SEC.

Here is a history of my selections so far this season:
(Starting with the most recent)

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