NC Central Men’s Basketball Roster Breakdown

After a rare ESPN telecast of MEAC competitors, I wanted to analyze both the Delaware State Hornets and the NC Central Eagles.  Check my last blog post for the Hornets breakdown.  Here are my thoughts on the Eagles.

NC Central is not a small team.  They have six guys listed at 6′ 7″ or taller.  This is not a surprise, as recruiting comes easier with a popular coach, 30 game home winning streak and tournament appearance.   There are all seniors and juniors in the starting lineup.

I was surprised in watching its home game against Delaware State, that the Eagles couldn’t capitalize on a ton of turnovers to ever take a commanding lead.  Cheap fouls, sloppy turnovers, missed layups, (even an airball) were hallmarks of this game.

NC Central runs a motion offense with a lot of high ball screens and curls at the top of the key.

Jordan Parks (No. 2) shoots great FG%, averages above 15 points per game.  Parks was the recipient of two alley ooop tosses in the first few possessions against Delaware State.

Jeremiah Ingram is a lean but powerful shooting guard.  Ingram dunked a few times with authority against Delaware State.  Ingram is 6′ 7.”  His aggression might even cost him a charging foul in the lane.

Lamar transfer NImrad Hilliard (No. 11) leads his conference in assist and can get to the basket himself.  He was previously on academic probation.

Karamo Jawara has a big body and defends well (especially while floating for a double-team).  Jawara is definitely this team’s “enforcer.”  He is less of an offensive threat.  I was shocked to see Jawara take two three point shots late in the game.  In the first 21 games, he had attempted 41 three pointers, making 34%.

Jamal Ferguson (No. 20) is a sophomore guard and Marquette transfer.  Not sure what the deal was with Marquette, but he is said to have been highly touted out of high school and has upside.

The Eagles end-of-game lineup was as follows:  Jamal Ferguson, Karamo Jawara, Anthony McDonald, Jordan Parks and Nimrod Hilliard.  McDonald hit what would turn out to be the game-winning three pointer.

I don’t think this Eagles team is as good as last year’s team.

Click here to see the full team roster. 

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