College Basketball’s All Tight End Team

The football season is officially over.  Gronk and the Patriots got the job done.  And, if you’re a sports fan who is returning to the enjoyment of college basketball, allow me to make the transition easy for you.  Here are my top 5 college basketball players who should get a tryout someday at an NFL combine.

1) Rico Gathers – Baylor Bears
Gathers averages an unbelievable 12 rebounds per game, including 5.5 of those being offensive rebounds.  Imagine those aggressive hands on the receiving end of a two yard slant to either win or lose a Super Bowl!

2) Brian Bennett – Cal Poly
Standing at just 6′ 5″, Bennett plays like a true center because of his physical nature.  (He wears number 34).

3) J.J. O’Brien – San Diego State
O’Brien has terrific hands as he does it all for the Aztecs.  At 6′ 7″ and 220 pounds he could be an enticing option for NFL offenses.  He also has a lot of endurance, playing every game this season and averaging 31.5 minutes per.

4) Thomas Gipson – Kansas State
It should be no surprise that another Big 12 guy makes the list.  Gipson has been described as a below-the-rim player, which actually is a credit to his fantastic footwork.  I could see the 6’7″ 265 pound Wildcat working the sidelines on a route.  The eye test shows that he looks like a football player.  If not a tight end, perhaps teams could have a spot for him on the defensive line.

5) Cinmeon Bowers – Auburn Tigers
His Twitter name is 6 FOOT 7 GORILLA.  Need I say more?

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