Conspiracy Theorists Chill

Anyone who criticizes the committee for staging team match ups we all want to see is a damn fool.  Today the state of Kansas gets to see the matchup any and all basketball fans want to see.  We’ll witness the game that the University of Kansas didn’t want you to see.  Wichita State’s coach Greg Marshall has been challenging KU coach Bill Self to play its Shockers in the media for a few years now.  Today we get to see it.  Despite Wichita State being ranked in the top 10 for a good portion of the season, they slip down to a 7 seed in March Madness in order for it to happen.  Conspiracy?  Nope, I’d instead refer to it as Must See TV.

Thank you, committee.

Wichita State is only a 1 1/2 point underdog, but you have to believe the Jayhawks are tired of the “scared to play them” mantra.  I’ll be rooting for the underdog, as per usual, but think that the Jayhawks will take care of business.  KU also had one of the most dominant performances of the first two days in a landslide win against a big New Mexico State team.

Michigan State vs. Virginia is yet another game with great built-in story lines.  We’re treated to a rematch of last year’s Sweet 16.  It’s a coaching chess match between two of the best in the country (Tom Izzo and Tony Bennett).

There was also something nostalgic about NC State and Villanova.  Two programs that last won a championship in the 1980’s, each with a Cinderella run.  This year NC State sports the slippers as it sent the Number One seeded Wildcats home from the dance.

The tournament committee also gave us the pleasure of an in-state Indiana battle royal.  Notre Dame Butler was the best game of Saturday’s action, going into overtime in dramatic fashion.  Indianapolis is host to the Final Four again this year.  Indiana and Butler have Final Four appearances in this new millennium.  Maybe it’s Notre Dame’s turn to become the Hoosier State’s next contestant.

Thanks again, committee.

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