Value Plays on the Beach

Vashil Fernandez, F Valpairaso ($6,000 Draft Kings)

The big man struggled with foul trouble in his last outing up in Oregon.  The Ducks come at you in all directions, and have size that can run as well.  Fernandez’s value has dropped about a thousand fantasy bucks after his 21 minute, 2 point performance.  His line against Rhode Island is more like an average night for Fernandez—12 points, 3 blocks and 4 rebounds.  Ohio State also doesn’t scare you in the post, so Fernandez should bring an appetite and keep eating.

Carlton Bragg Jr., F Kansas ($3,400 Draft Kings)

If you’ve blown almost all of your fantasy cash, Carlton Bragg Jr. is a decent option.  The freshman has been a staple of Bill Self’s rotation, playing in the mid-teens for minutes per game.  He turned twelve minutes of play into 9 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists against Chaminade.  Bragg is a power forward in training, who the Jayhawks will give an occasional post-up opportunity.  He is active on the offensive glass.  Tuesday night he faces an equally young UCLA squad.  As Self is clearly developing his lineup, and with Chieck Diallo still out, this freshman could have his coming-out-party any night now.

Greg McClinton, F Wake Forest ($4,400 Draft Kings)

Sometimes in a tournament environment, when a player gets hot he stays hot.  For the price, you could roll the dice that this happens with McClinton.  The Demon Deacons are playing with house money after surprising Indiana and making the Hoosiers defense look pedestrian.  McClinton scored 7 points and grabbed 7 rebounds in the process.  There’s another factor that fantasy players can appreciate.  McClinton has consistently played between 20-25 minutes each game thus far.  There have been no wild swings of 8 then 28 minutes, like so many role players in the college game experience.



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