Sons of NBA Players in College Basketball 2015-16

There are many sons of NBA players currently in college basketball.  Gary Payton Jr., Sam Cassell Jr., and Jalen Bruson are some of the better-known second generation basketball players.  However, it’s not only point guards who inherit the talent.  Domantas Sabonis is the son of Arvydas Sabonis, but could navigate a much different pro path—playing NBA ball in his prime (Arvydas played overseas for a decade before joining the Blazers).

Elgin Cook’s father, Alvin Robertson, played in the NBA with the San Antonio Spurs.  Cook is now one of the leaders of a nationally ranked Oregon Ducks team.  See a list of more second generation NCAA players below.

Here is a list of NCAA basketball players whose dads played in the NBA:

Son Current team NBA dad NBA team of note
Lasani Johnson Stephen F. Austin Larry Johnson Charlotte Hornets
Aubrey Dawkins Michigan Johnny Dawkins Philadelphia 76ers
Sam Cassell Jr. UCONN Sam Cassell Houston Rockets
Isaiah Wilkins Virginia Dominique Wilkins (stepfather) Atlanta Hawks
Domantas Sabonis Gonzaga Arvydas Sabonis Portland Trailblazers
A.J. English III Iona A.J. English II Denver Nuggets
Justin Robinson Duke David Robinson San Antonio Spurs
Wyatt Lohaus Northern Iowa Brad Lohaus Milwaukee Bucks
Bryce Alford UCLA Steve Alford Dallas Mavericks
Elgin Cook Oregon Alvin Robertson San Antonio Spurs
A.J. Davis UCF Antonio Davis Indiana Pacers
Trey Mourning Georgetown Alonzo Mourning Miami Heat
Jalen Brunson Villanova Rick Brunson Toronto Raptors
Gary Payton, Jr. Oregon State Gary Payton Seattle Supersonics
Kameron Rooks California Sean Rooks LA Clippers
Brandan Stith Old Dominion Bryant Stith Denver Nuggets
Evan Manning Kansas Danny Manning LA Clippers




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