“Cheick Please” Is Coined

Cheick Diallo was as advertised.  Against Loyolla in his collegiate premiere, Diallo seemed to play angry while still under control.  He played often with the 1’s in the first half.  His first bucket as  Jayhawk came on a dunk assisted by Wayne Seldon in the second half.

Matty D Media 1

While Cheick dominated the second half, suspended player Brannon Greene had the look of, “check please.”  This photo is not a troll-job, or a random “gotcha” moment.   This is how Brannon Greene’s posture looked the majority of the second half.  Click here to read the background, courtesy The Kansas City Star.

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.35.54 AM

Cheick did it.  He put on a show.  He played with fellow freshmen Carlton Bragg Jr. and Lagerald Vick as if he were the elder-statesman.  Tuesday night he motioned with one finger to the sky, like “throw that up to me.”  His teammates clearly responded by continuously looking for him in the post.  Cheick even put his palm to the back of his neck while taking off from just below the free throw line.  Enjoy.
Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 1.40.16 AM

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