Eye Test Tuesday: A Buffet of Tourney-Worthy Teams

A bevy of basketball’s finest teams appear on ESPN Networks tonight.  Not only are top 10 ranked squads appearing in national primetime, but also teams that will straddle that top 25 line throughout this season.  Those teams—Miami, UCONN and Michigan—may prove to be the most dangerous as their mixture of youth and newcomers congeal early Spring.

Here’s your timetable:

6 p.m. Virginia vs. West Virginia on ESPN
6 p.m. Colgate at Syracuse on ESPNU
6 p.m. Florida at Miami on ESPN2
8 p.m. UCONN at Maryland on ESPN
8 p.m.  Stony Brook at Notre Dame on ESPNU
8 p.m. Michigan at SMU on ESPN2

Vote for the best team, according to YOUR eye test:

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