Tips for March Madness in Las Vegas


If you are gambling in Vegas for the tournament, here are a Final Four of tips I like to stick to.  As you’ll see, I am not a high roller.  I also don’t take myself too seriously.  If you see me at a Vegas Sports Book, say “what’s up” and tell me who passes your eye test.

Enjoy the tourney,

Matty D.


1. The Hay-maker
Don’t just throw hay-makers, but combo hay-makers.

This year my hay-makers are:
A. Green Bay +850 vs. Texas A&M
B.  UT Chattanooga +600 vs. Indiana
C.  UNC Wilmington +400 vs. Duke
D.  Fresno State +325 vs. Utah

Money Line Parlay Combos:

2. Teasers Fund Parlays

This is a rule I hear tossed around all the time.  Normally, a three team 5-point teaser pays 1.5 to 1.  So a lot of people will align their teasers to fund their parlays.  For example, betting $20 on a standard 3 team parlay on the points will return $120.  Therefore, if you put $14 on a 5-point teaser with the same three teams, you will break even at the end of the day if those teams cover 5 points beyond the natural spread.

Nope, I am definitely not talking about a home equity loan.  I am talking about using a slew of 5-point teasers to help fun the more risky parlay bets.  In this example, I am using a teaser card of eight 5-point teams to help improve my odds.

5 Point Teaser
1.  Arkansas Little Rock +12 (up from 7)
2.  Butler +2.5 (up from -2.5)
3.  Baylor EVEN (up from -5)
4.  Seton Hall +4 (up from -1)
5.  Kentucky -8.5 (up from -13.5) 6.  Providence +4 (up from -1)
7.  Temple +12 (up from 7) *Friday game
8.  Stephen F. Austin +12 (up from 7) *Friday game

4 Team Parlay

1. Kentucky -13.5
2. Baylor -5
3. Seton Hall -1
4. Providence -1

4 Team Parlay

1.  Arkansas Little Rock +7
2.  Butler -2.5
2.  Temple +7
3. Stephen F. Austin +7

Note:  Yale is admittedly without its senior captain, point guard Jack Montague.  This could be the best 5 point teaser on the board as Baylor matches Yale’s strength, forwards who can score, with size and strength on its front line. 

3. Shop Around

If you are in Vegas early and walking the strip, shop around for futures.  You might be surprised how much the odds vary, especially the more you browse underdogs.  Save time by researching which Casinos share the same oddsmaker service.

4.  Good Dogs ALWAYS Cover the First Half

You don’t want your favorite underdog to dominate 95% of the game, as we see year in, year out, and you not cash in.  Enjoy that cocktail at halftime.


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