From Catskills to Kansas – finding Hoops Heartland

The story behind my moving from New York to Lawrence, Kansas is part of the inspiration behind this blog.  I can hear my wife Betsaida’s voice in the back of my head saying “this isn’t a blog about your life, it’s a blog about college basketball.”  And that’s exactly why I followed her here.

My then-girlfriend Betsaida and I toast to our new lives in Lawrence, KS.

My then-girlfriend Betsaida and I toast to our new lives in Lawrence, KS


I met Betsaida in September 2012.  She quickly learned my passion for basketball.  I think that “moment when I knew” happened when she treated me to a Knicks game for my January birthday.  When Betsaida got the career opportunity of her lifetime at the University of Kansas, I had only one question;  “If I go, will you get me season tickets for Jayhawks basketball?”

Us newly weds are settling into married life in the Midwest.  Betsaida quickly learned that those KU bball tickets were “a little out of our league.”  However, it’s awesome just being surrounded by so many passionate basketball fans.  I dedicate this blog to my loving wife, Betsaida.  She not only encourages me to do what I love, but to follow my passions completely.  Betsaida, thank you for respecting the line 🙂

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