Witness to Saint Louis

Witness to Saint Louis  My first glance at the Gateway to the West was the type of moment when you ask yourself “why haven’t I ever seen this before?”  The city was so welcoming.  My big city experience is predominantly based in Manhattan.  Comparatively, the streets of Saint Louis felt like that scene from Inception.  The streets were oddly quiet and it seemed the infrastructure was solely designed for our enjoyment.  I ate the best burger of my life at Baileys’ Range.  We were elevated above the Mississippi in the hallmark Gateway Arch.  Looking down at the gorgeous city below, I could see the big picture so clearly, with one glaring exception.  How did Saint Louis suffer that disappointing loss to Oregon in the Big Dance?  After absolutely dominating the A-10 Tournament in Brooklyn, the Billikens didn’t book a flight to Indianapolis.  The good news is they still have a Jett onboard.

Jordair Jett headlines a senior class consisting of 42.9 points worth of returning offense.   Dwayne Evans is one of my favorite players in the nation.  He rocks out number 21 like Wilson Chandler.  Like Chandler, he scores in a variety of ways and appears like a raw talent while doing so.  Last season he sprinkle a jump-hook into his late-game production.  I will be watching his post-production carefully as he and New Zealander Rob Loe do work (although 6-11 Loe loves to step out from the basket).  Jordair Jett is the closest replica of Andre Miller’s game since he left Utah in the late 90s for the NBA.  He plays basketball like a fullback.  The sudden death of their former coach Rick Majerus is still fresh in players’ minds.  I am rooting for the 2013 storyline I envisioned to play out this March for the city of the Arch.

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