My 5 Underdogs for 2015-16 NCAA College Basketball Futures

Before you just say, “Oh, just another basketball blogger in his basement blowing steam,” allow me to clarify:  I am just another blogger in his basement!  But my past picks paved the way for some street cred.  In 2013, I listed UCONN as one of my five top value picks (click here to read the archive).  In 2014, all five of my underdog value plays made the NCAA tournament.  That included Utah, which I correctly threw the flag on Vegas when it listed the Utes at 200-to-1.

Of course, this past March Madness, ESPN business reporter Darren Rovell shared my winning ticket after parlaying UAB and Georgia State for first round upsets:

Here are my top 5 underdogs for the 2015-16 college basketball season.  I am taking this show on the road, as in down the street, by visiting college basketball’s epicenter:

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