Coaster Ride Continues for Red Storm of St. John’s

I love being wrong.

Well, that’s not true.  But in the case of St. John’s today, I am fortunate for being wrong.  A loss to Creighton at Madison Square Garden would have been another demerit against the Johnnies’ chances of making the NCAA Tournament.

But Rysheed Jordan shut up his critics, including me.

The elusive sophomore exploded for a career-high 25 points in an 18 point victory over Creighton on Saturday.

Friday night I predicted that the Red Storm would not cover an 8.5 spread, in part, because Rysheed Jordan had been MIA.

For a supposed NBA prospect, Jordan had been a disappointment.  In their first game against Creighton this season, Jordan only played seven minutes.  He took a leave of absence from the team on January 2nd.  The reason was never clearly specified.  St. John’s lost an important game to fellow bubble team, Butler.

But on Saturday Rysheed Jordan was the electric, sharp-shooting scorer that St. John’s fans are salivating for.

He hit six three pointers, shot 75% from the field and also contributed 4 assists.

Creighton coach Greg McDermott spoke highly of Rysheed Jordan after the game.

After the game, reporters took to Twitter to joke that he remains off-limits for post game interviews.  Jordan has not been cleared to speak with reporters for two years.

Whatever the catalyst for his mysterious nature, I hope translates onto the court and continues to confuse opposing defenses.  I bought-in on St. John’s to win the championship at 200/1 odds.  The odds have become even higher now.  You can find them between 300-500/1 in Vegas.  I love that value!

Will they win it?  Likely not.  But every win gets them closer to the tournament.  Once a team gets in, anything can happen.   I love that I was wrong on my Friday night prediction.